October 2015 Promotions

The true leader of casino gaming is here once more to claim his rightful place – introducing the new EUcasino October 2015 Promotions! With these new promotions, we promise that you will never get a gloomy moment this autumn. This is not just a one-time event; it’s a whole series of events which includes bonus giveaways, casino game tournaments, rebates / cashbacks, and much more.

The EUcasino Promo Schedule

As the primary highlight of this EUcasino October 2015 Promotions event, we have devised a Promo Schedule. This means that we will be hosting giveaways, tournaments, and other promotional events for the maximum enjoyment of our dear players on a daily basis! Yes mate, starting this autumn, there will never be drab and dreary moments in EUcasino.

To cut to the chase, we have thought up of several types of events which we hold on a regular basis, following a Promo Schedule. The catch is, this Promo Schedule will change every month, so it is up to you, as an avid player of EUcasino games, to check the schedule regularly. Do not worry much though, because our reliable EUcasino support staff will also email reminders about the events on a regular basis.

Various Freebies and Perks Each Day of the Week

To kick off from the EUcasino October 2015 Promotions event, the numerous daily events will be ordered in a certain way as mentioned above. Here are several of the daily events you can expect:

  • RealKick – You will certainly get the “kicks” our of this amazing EUcasino bonus, as you are entitled to get as much as €250 just by playing the Game of the Week! This is a casino slots tournament you can enjoy thru both the EUcasino Download and EUcasino Mobile platforms of our software.
  • Cashback – Just play and play your favourite EUcasino games with no worries on losses, as we will give you back some of the cash you lost thru this promotional event. On special days marked with “Cashback” on the Promotions Calendar, you can get €10 back for every €1000 you spent on that day.

Enjoy real casino gaming at EUcasino! Play with EUcasino now, and benefit greatly from the EUcasino October 2015 Promotions.




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