December 2015 Promotions

EUcasino, our fave European online casino, comes rushing right up with a nice selection of fresh casino promos and events this winter for the EUcasino December 2015 Promotions. The wonderful aspect about it is that it’s not just one-time affair– it’s a whole host of happenings! From deposit bonuses to free casino credits and EUcasino free spins, to loyalty points and daily giveaways, EUcasino makes it an exciting casino game day for you players every single day!

The Promo Calendar for EUcasino’s various Events

Living up to the casino’s commitment to providing deluxe and premium online gaming experiences to avid casino players and punters, EUcasino strives to make each day a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour for everyone. For that to happen, the casino intends to keep online punters as busy and happy as much as could be! As such, as the primary highlight of this month’s EUcasino December 2015 Promotions event, we present you with the hip and chic EUcasino Promo Calendar.

All right, let’s cut the chase casino junkies; simply put, this EUcasino Promo Calendar is an event schedule of sorts. This promo calendar is actually the realisation of EUcasino’s motto of “each day is a new day; let’s seize this casino day!” We have developed an entire selection of events, and those events will happen once a day. However, there is no fixed order or pattern among the casino events happenings, as they will come in randomly fashion. Nevertheless, the promo calendar will inform you of the happenings that would be held in a week’s time. And since it’s random, it’s your job as a dedicated EUcasino gamer to check out the calendar to see what’s in store for you on that day and the rest of the week.

Here is a list of the assorted events that would appear in the promos calendar. It’s interspersed with various casino events, promos, bonuses about games for the EUcasino Download software client, EUcasino bonus rewards, and more:

  • Auto Cash – Make as much as €400 just by playing the various EUcasino games
  • Super Roulette – Increase your Roulette bankrolls if you wager on the “Special Bet of the Day” by as much as 10x
  • RACE – Play and play and continue playing your favourite and popular game! Make it to the top of the Leader Boards and win €1500 cash
  • RealKick – Play the exclusive EUcasino “Game of the Week” and earn your share from the €500 pot prize
  • Super Blackjack – Multiply your Blackjack winnings ten-fold (10x) if you win with a hand comprised of the “Blackjack Cards of the Day

Those are just several of the daily casino happenings you can expect from the EU Casino Promo Calendar of the EUcasino December 2015 Promotions. We’re certain that you’re quite eager for more! Hesitate no further mate, play with EUcasino today!




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